Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yep, It Was An Earthquake.

Just a few hours after a 5.8 quake in Indonesia, we had a 5.3 quake here in boring old England.

It was quite a significant quake for a region where we mostly get 2 pointers and I have to say it was an experience, a moment of "what the fuck is this?"

One woman emailed the news to say she had watched The Exorcist before going to bed and thought she had been possessed. I can understand that. For me it was like the onset of a seizure, I really thought I was having a seizure until I realised things were rattling and falling over.


Thankfully, there are no reports of fatalities.


It is just after 1:30AM as I write this.

Around 1:00AM I was woken by a violent shaking, something that shook the whole house. Since England does not lie on any of the major faultlines it is very rare we experience earthquakes, though there have been a couple of things that barely touched 2.0 on the scale during my lifetime.

Checking the news sites there is nothing at present to say that it was an earthquake though I have had calls from people up to 100 miles away asking me if I had just felt it.

Updates to follow.