Friday, February 13, 2009

Push Bar to Open

"You can't stand there. You're blocking a fire exit."

Well, it's always my intention to stand blocking fire exits to ensure that everybody, including me, dies in the event of a fire. I would never simply turn around, open the doors,and leave, running faster than an Olympic athlete on performance enhancing drugs, in the event of a fire.

What steps would I take in the event of a fire?

Fucking big ones.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Britain: The Laughing Stock of The World

Like several million other Britons today, I could not get to work. Why? Because a tiny bit of snow brought roads to a halt.

A man was clearing a path to the Town Hall, then he appeared to give up and went back to his pick-up. Can't say I blame him when very few people were at work.

The roads were getting better but still not many people wanted to drive.
This car park is normally full.
So, what country do you live in, and can you get to work when there has been a tiny bit of snow, and I mean tiny bit. Tell me how you get to work in 3 foot of snow, I know you can do this, where we Brits fail.