Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eurovision - The Real Winners

This year's Eurovision Song Contest protest talent like you have never seen, only the talent was more comedic that musical. Take a look at the entries from Spain and France. They should definitely have finished in the top three.

Spanish Entry

French Entry

I'm sure you'll agree that both acts were sheer class.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Would Not Be A (maze) d...Just Relaxed

Having no Internet, finding that the local library is open fewer hours than is good for the community, and having no expendable income presents all kinds of problems with what to do with my spare time.

After playing guitar so much that my fingertips actually started bleeding it was time to find something else to do, probably much to the relief of my neighbours who must have been sick of hearing the same scales, ascending and descending, over and over.

The weather was good enough to take a walk, over the fields and through the woods, to the park on the edge of town. In the park lies a true labyrinth, rather than a maze.
It's incredibly relaxing, walking to the centre, more relaxing than walking around a maze, getting lost as the light runs out. You know exactly where you're going, you're on a journey to the path's end. And I guess life is like that, we're all heading towards the end. What the end holds is different for all of us, and some will reach it sooner than others.