Thursday, April 16, 2009

"How can we rip you off today, sir?"

When are corporations going to get the message that we are fucking sick of being ripped off.

After work, I thought I'd check the local rag to see what was showing at the cinema, the cinema that is owned by a big fucking corporation.

Instead of finding cinema times, as are normally published on Thursday, I found an advert from them, stating that if I wanted to find out cinema times, I had to ring a premium rate phone number.

Fuck that. I'll wait until the film comes out on DVD.


PBS said...

And then the PRICES to go to the movies....

leslie said...

We get a thing here on the telephone that if you get a busy signal, "...for 75cents, we will try to reconnect you to that number."

Really? and how much will it cost me to hang up and hit the 'last number called' button? Hmmm?

dan said...

pbs, yes, the prices are pretty steep nowadays, especially with food on top.

leslie, yes, i'm increasingly cynical where telephone compaines are concerned. answer servies really screw you before you finally get to the bit where you can leave your message.