Monday, May 03, 2010

Goodbye Gordon

Right, let me tell you how it is.

So, Gordon Brown got caught out this week. Although this was mainly, because he's such a fucking dipshit, he couldn't even remember he was wired to national television when he got in his car and started calling the woman he'd just spoken to a bigot.

He was probably the only person shocked by all of this. And he regrets the incident. Well, not taking his microphone off is what I mean he regrets.

No, I wasn't shocked at all. I've long believed that the overwhelming majority of polititians are motivated by selfishness, greed and power. Little old ladies going to buy a loaf of bread don't mean a fucking thing to them. The average prole is just there to be stepped on. Sure, talk to them nicely when you want their vote, them step right on them.

They're all the same.

In the word's of Montgomery Brewster, "Vote for None of the Above."

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Tabor said...

It does make one discouraged. Even those that are honest eventually get tainted with this disease.