Sunday, January 04, 2009

Is this a maths test?

There must be something I don't know. Happen seventeen minutes is the ideal duration for checking email. Anyway, I didn't put myself through three hours of air travel to check my email. And why is the Russian tarif advertised per minute and not per seventeen minutes? Maybe they don't have as much to say. Or maybe they have more sense than to throw their money at telephone companies, unlike, oh, I don't know, the British.

When I originally tried to take this picture, a woman came out of the shop and screamed at me in Spanish. I couldn't understand what she was saying but am fairly sure she was going to ram the camera up the English pig's arse if he took a picture of her shop without first spending money. I scurried off and hid in a nearby tourist shop, which mostly sold the obligatory tourist crap, for a couple of minutes and went back to get the above shot, taken from a coward's angle. Nah-nah-ne-nah-nah.

While hiding in the tourist shop, pretending to be interested in paper-weights and pens which made the lady naked upon tipping, I noticed some t-shirts which told me, I *heart* Benidorm, and didn't buy one.


leslie said...

But you did get one of the naked lady tipping pens! Oh, tell me you did!

Walker said...

Maybe my question can help answer yours.
My parents sit and watch Greek news 24/7.
Now if Greece is in the EU and they use the Euro, then why do they break everything down in drahmas?
The answer is simple.
They are eastern Europeans and are to stubborn accept it and need it to be broken down to be understood.

PBS said...

I would flunk that math test. Did you get any souvenirs?

debt relief said...

Wow, she yelled at you for simply taking a picture? Maybe she was afraid you were planning on something.

arizona auto insurance said...

I guess they must not have a loyal following with a bad attitude like that.

dan said...

leslie, i dearly wanted one, but something didn't let me buy one.

walker, interestingly, the spanish still use peseatas for property sales. but they aren't as stubborn as the greek.

pbs, i didn't bother with the souvenirs. i was on atight budget.

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