Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Britain: The Laughing Stock of The World

Like several million other Britons today, I could not get to work. Why? Because a tiny bit of snow brought roads to a halt.

A man was clearing a path to the Town Hall, then he appeared to give up and went back to his pick-up. Can't say I blame him when very few people were at work.

The roads were getting better but still not many people wanted to drive.
This car park is normally full.
So, what country do you live in, and can you get to work when there has been a tiny bit of snow, and I mean tiny bit. Tell me how you get to work in 3 foot of snow, I know you can do this, where we Brits fail.


deni said...

I laugh, I live in one of the southern states in the USA, but I am from the North where we would and could maneuver through feet of snow, and that was a good day!

Here, they just say snow on the news, they close schools, no one goes to work, and then we get maybe a flake or two, if that.

RC666 said...

I live in Ohio, we get quite a bit of snow... I can drive in it pretty good, but there are other idiots who can't. They usually just drive like 10mph. I did have 1 close call this year, I spun out on black ice on a highway, but got lucky and was ok.

The news said you guys got quite a bit over there a week or so ago.

PBS said...

It all depends on what one is used to coping with, I guess. We've had lots of snow, alternated with -20F temps--and the windchill makes it even worse.

dan said...

deni, i suppose everything is relative. one thing people don't consider here is how densey populated the island is.

rc666, we really didn't get that much. i remember heavier snowfall than this and it caused less disruption. i think the population is bigger now and it makes things look worse, with more cars abandioned at the side of the road. people should try walking.

pbs, that is far too cold for me. i think i would be tempted to set fire to all nearby objects just to keep warm. brrrr, that's cold.

leslie said...

There was a dusting of snow on the mountain this morning at 8000 feet. Rain down here in the desert.
And that's unusual weather.

A bit of rain here is call for a holiday! :)

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