Friday, October 08, 2010

Ye Olde Trip to a Pub Built in 1189

Post 37th Birthday Party Party (and that's not an accidental repetition)
Worse for Wear

Which looks oldest:  the cave wall or me?

Looking around an ancient pub, which is largely built in a cave, I thought about how much longer it would stand there and how much time I have left.

Recently, I started noticing things I didn't want to notice when I looked in the mirror.  My skin has the texture orange peel, my eyes are all puffy and sunken, and I have this generally bloated appearance.

Having gone on a strict diet, exercising more, and quitting drinking (apart from on my birthday weekend) I don't appear to be looking any better.

And that's when it hits home - that's when you think your best years have gone.

But, after a period of reflection, you realise that looks aren't the most important thing in life.  The most important thing is what we know and how we apply that knowledge and that we continue to learn and apply and that we pass on our knowledge.

And while passing on knowledge is easy enough, getting those we pass it on to apply it successfully is another matter.

Hope is all we have.


According to some, the oldest pub in England.


Leslie Hawes said...

So... you never made it to Jerusalem, I take it? :)

Happy belated B'Day!

PBS said...

Are you ever returning to blog again?